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Goodbye, dear Yorick…

Posted: May 29, 2012 in Love
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For all our readers, I have something to share with you and it saddens me to tell you this. Yesterday, Bruce lost a connection near and dear to him. It wasn’t totally unexpected, but that still doesn’t make things easier. They knew each other their entire lives and when one loses a loved one so close and so dear, the pain is palpable. And knowing this is gone, leaves only emptiness – a bleeding, gaping hole of pain.


The hole this love leaves behind can’t be replaced by another. Oh, I suppose it could be replaced by another, a surrogate, but it would be artificial. It’ll never be the same. The original is always the best and the one you remember and favor most.

I can’t even begin to tell how close and Bruce and the departed were. They were thought to be inseparable. Bruce could not say anything without this loved one knowing every word. Really, it seems, no, it was that way – they were never apart. And never a cross word between them, until perhaps near the end when the fear and frustration and pain of losing someone you love so much becomes real.

And now, when Bruce gets up every morning, he knows he ‘ll never see his beloved again. His smile will never be the same. It will convey the emptiness Bruce now feels. And the world will know.

Right now, Bruce needs all the comfort and compassion all of you can bring him. Pharmaceuticals will be of great help. Losing a tooth at his age hurts like hell.